Unlock the stories that clarify your business and inspire your team, and build confidence your customers love your products. We give you all that through darn good design. Efficiency, expertise, and a dash of whacky let you know you're working with creative professionals.

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User Experience Design

What does she (the user) really want from her job? ... from her career? ... from her life? And what are your business goals? These are the questions that drive software design that people love. They help us craft each step she takes from your first contact to the moment she feels like you are making her job easier and her life better. That's when loyalty kicks in.

Touch screens for high-end audio engineers

Euphonix, now part of Avid, has led the industry in high-end audio engineering equipment. They asked me to … more

Designing Computer Chips

How do you get an computer chip design team scattered across timezones to stay in sync? Start by giving … more

Protein Folding

Stanford University is home to the world's largest networked supercomputer. Hundreds of thousands of personal … more

Videos + Pictures

The pretty stuff that hooks people and makes them want to know more.

Even While You Sleep

Research into protein folding is a vital component in the fight against cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and … more

Designing a Balanced Life with Pilot Fire

Rule#1. Know your customers. We get you there by interviewing your customers, clients, and users. This video … more

OpenSim Human Movement Simulation Software

OpenSim is a powerful and freely available tool for modeling and simulation of movement. Watch the video below … more

Small Business Stuff

Get to the bottom what your customers really need from you and how you can best deliver it. That's what they pay for, right? From your logo to your website and the emails you send, build a communication system that let's them know who you are— when you're at your best.

Green Gears Branding System

Let's just say, I haven't written this one up yet. Sincerely, David Delp … more

Viewfarm is a design company. We focus on making strong connections between businesses and their customers through:

User Experience Design, helping software development teams create breakthrough products that people love.

Videos + Pictures, that move people into action.

Small Business Stuff, the websites, logos, and other communication tools that connect your business to paying customers.

David Delp is the Creative Director at Viewfarm. He is a seasoned user experience designer, animator, and illustrator, and on larger projects he builds and manages creative teams.

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David is also a Musician, purveyor of closed caption fonts for EIA-708b caption display, and Chief Fire Starter at Pilot Fire. For the rest of this website he writes in the first person.