Designing a Balanced Life with Pilot Fire

Rule#1. Know your customers.

We get you there by interviewing your customers, clients, and users. This video shows what we learned about the students of Pilot Fire. The results were eye-opening and inspiring.

People tell me things they never say directly to their favorite people so I make a point of calling my clients’ clients to ask them, “What is Michael like when he’s at his best? What makes going to Pat’s so special? How did Deborah change your life?” Then I deliver that glowing report back to my clients.

The stated purpose of this exercise is to collect information from customers to help develop my clients’ brands. A much more powerful result is the deep joy it brings my clients, knowing they are loved for what they give people.

Some friends asked my Pilot Fire students “What’s it like, Designing a Balanced Life? What’s changed since you started working with Pilot Fire tools? What do you want people to know about your experience?”

Diana, Nate, and Lesley are three of the most honest, dedicated, and generous people I’ve worked with. I love my job. You’ll see why when you hear their stories.