A Dedicated Mercenary

Closing gaps in product strategy, UX, and production…

To articulate the human story of your product.

Bigfoot Biomedical: simpler, safer, and more effective solutions for people with insulin-requiring diabetes.

To make the complex understandable.

Stanford University Neuromuscular Biomechanics Lab: Biomechanics, computer science, imaging, robotics, and neuroscience. 

To build fast. Test. Scale.

Earn.org: helping low-income families develop financial stability though saving.

To bring a runaway giant back on course.

Varian 360 Oncology: Cancer care solution with predictive intelligence that connects an entire care team and engages patients.

I’m David Delp. I run Viewfarm, a nimble design firm based in San Francisco with a track record helping companies large and small deliver user experiences that delight, facilitate, empower.

A seasoned UX director, video director, and illustrator, on larger projects I build and manage teams. I use my affinity for detangling complex ideas to deliver insights, ideas, and tools users love.

With a knack for collaboration and a drive to deliver, I close gaps in product definition, UX, and development. I partner with product strategists, designers, and software developers to extend Viewfarm’s capabilities.

David Pilot 2

Pinch hitter

I can step in as an interim manager, project leader, or production designer. My strength is learning and delivering fast, then handing off and stepping away when the internal team is up and running.


Product clarification
Rapid prototypes
Roadmap to production


Testable scenarios
Accurate personas
Beautiful visuals
Extendable architecture
Additional designers


Strong PMs
Tech expertise
Flexible resource pool
DevOps team
Project management

About half of my work is in biotech; the rest ranges from consumer tools in personal development and banking to more esoteric projects like API networks and high-end audio mixers.