Case Studies

Sleep 1

To articulate the human story of this product. 

Bigfoot Biomedical: Simpler, safer, and more effective solutions for people with insulin-requiring diabetes.

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To make the complex understandable.

Stanford University Neuromuscular Biomechanics Lab: Biomechanics, computer science, imaging, robotics, and neuroscience. 

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Piggies 4

To build fast. Test. Scale. Helping low-income families develop financial stability though saving.

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Flow Designer 1

To close gaps on key projects

Mulesoft: Application networks with secure, reusable integrations and APIs

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Whale narrow

To bring a runaway giant back on course.

Varian 360 Oncology: Cancer care solution with predictive intelligence that connects an entire care team and engages patients.

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To unlock the message that speaks to the heart.

Folding@home: A distributed computing project for disease research that simulates protein folding and other types of molecular dynamics.


To harness the power of big data. analytic tools for realtors, buyers and sellers.

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To give voice to a brand through its customers.

Pilot Fire: Tools, fuel, and steering instructions to make a life you believe in.

Throughout a long career making pictures that speak.